Harold Lloyd in “Ask Father” (1919).


Bettie Page


Depressives are more likely to commit suicide. Psychopaths are not. But suicide made sense to Eric and Dylan for any number of reasons. It was the ultimate way to control their own destiny and the only antidote to an uncontrollable rage - despite their school rampage, which lasted maybe 45 minutes, they were still not satisfied. They may also have seen it a the warrior’s way out, nobler than being captured alive.
And for Eric and Dylan, suicide was not a leap: Life on earth was already hell because smart kids like themselves were among the least popular. They expected more, but got less. Their fall down the social ladder was steeper because they had higher expectations.
Dylan wrote in his diary: "The framework of society stands above & below me. The hardest thing to destroy, yet the weakest thing that exists." Death would set him free. Eric would destroy everything, including himself. - Columbine - A True Crime Story


when the moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie

that’s a metaphoré


the vision of a shirtless marlon brando in a streetcar named desire keeps me alive

Happy 125th birthday to my dearest and bestest friend in the world, the legendary Charles Chaplin. The man who made, and continues to make, hundreds of people laugh without having to say one word. A true master of comedy. Happy birthday Charles, I’ll be celebrating down here for you.

Done with TCM for not celebrating chaplins birthday. CLASSIC FILM STARTED BEFORE THE 1930S DAMMIT